Friday, 29 July 2016

Facing a problem to insert a Addcode!

Are you facing problem to fix an "ADD CODE" on your website don't worry will we help you to fix an add code on your website.

After going through this article you can definitely rectify your Add code problems they are different types of affiliated website and every website has their own method to insert Add code so here are examples to add an add code to place an add code.


For example, if you log in with propeller ads they will be giving you a JavaScript code so here you have to convert the Javascript code into HTML code for this you have checked in with the javascript code converter into HTML code converter example given below.



After converting JavaScript or XML code into HTML  open template and there you can see Edit HTML button click and open it and search for the head tag  (<head>) by the help of CTRL+F and place the code.

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