Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Electric Bus

The Electric bus which is made by "Tesla" run's over 350 KiloMeters  in a single charge this bus is from Proterra a top North American manufacture company.

This electric bus has  40-Foot catalyst XR with the 8NMC LI-Ion battery in it. Coming to the average speed it cover's 30MPH. This Tesla Electric bus exist 12-Year's of life with the good condition. This Electric Bus save's  Money and environment at the same time if RTC implement this bus's they can get out of the financial problem. Indian IRTC run only Ashok Lcyland bus's which gives mileage of 8.0 to 9.0 per liter currently Diesel price is 57RS indian INR. Each rtc bus travel's 250 to 300 Kilometers perday. If RTC runs Electric bus's it can save 17100 RS per each bus in a day. According to the calculations RTC can close the financial problem's with in 6 months if they run electric bus's. The new Catalyst E3 Electric Bus traveled over 965 Kilometers in a test.

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