Tuesday, 6 September 2016


RBI- Reserve Bank of India.
RRB- Regional Rural Bank.
HDFC- Housing Development Finance Corporation.
PNB- Punjab National Bank.
ICICI- Credit and Investment Corporation of India.

ASP- Assistant Superintendent of Police.
ACP- Assistant Commissioner of Police.
DGP- Director General of Police.
DSP- Deputy Superintendent of Police.
SP- Superintendent of Police.

BMW- Bavarian Motor Works.

SIM- Subscriber Identity Module.
MMS- Multimedia Messaging Service.
CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access.
GSM- Global System for Mobile Communication.

LAN- Locial Area Network.
VAN- Vaule Added Network.
SAN- Storage Area Network.
VPN- Virtual Private Network.
EPN- Enterprise Private Network.
MAN- Metropolitan Area Network.
WAN- Wide Area Network.
PAN- Personal Area Network.

KBPS- Kilobyte Per Second.
MBPS-Megabyte Per Second.
GBPS- Gigabyte Per Second.
TBPS- Terabyte Per Second.
BYTE- Byte Storage Unit for Data.

HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language.
CSS- Cascading Style Sheet.
PHP- Personal Home page.
SQL- Structured Query Language.

IP- Internet Protocol.
HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
WWW- World Wide Web.
MAC- Media Access Control.
SSL- Secure Sockets Bus.
GPS- Global Positioning System.
URL- Uniform Resource Locator.

PC- Personal Computer.
OS- Operating System.
BIOS- Basic Input Output System.
SMPS- Switched Mode Power Supply.
CPU- Central Processing Unit.
RAM- Random Access Memory.
ROM- Read Only Memory.
VGA- Video Graphic Array.
PNG- Portable Network Graphics.
GPU- Graphics Processing Unit.
I/O- Input and Output System.
DSL- Digital Subscriber Line.
VIRUS- Vital Information Resources Under Siege.
USB- Universal Serial Bus.

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