Monday, 19 September 2016


18th November 2013 is  world's "Selfie Day" was Announced by Oxford English Dictionary.
Actually Selfie means Self-Portrait Photograph which is taken by Digital Camera in Olden days. The first Selfie was taken in the year 1839 by Robert Cornelius.

As per the survey we take over 1 Million selfies all over world per day. People take selfie to show their beauty. Most of the people share selfie on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get like's share's and comment's. But somehow,some people are crazy to take selfie at dangerous place's and sharing those selfie's in social media as a trend it's going viral. Some people doing the same and losing their valuable life. There is one incident happened recently which touched my heart. So Guy's please be alert while taking selfie's and don't forget that your family is waiting for you.

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