Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Smallest Flying Camera just at Rs.3,449.

SKEYE Nano 2 the world's smallest flying Drone which is found by Gerard Nieuwenhuis.  SKEYE Nano is designed to allow the Drone to Fly accurately through the air. SKEYE nano 2 has 6-Aixs flight control system with Gyro Sensitivity inside it. This SKEYE is very easy to fly the device by turning ON the Take-Off button.

SKEYE Nano 2 contacts of  2 LED Lights which make you to visible in nights. This SKEYE Drone can Fly up to 50 Meters and it has a USB port to recharge. SKEYE comes with Four replacement rotor blades and  a Protection guard in it. The Dimensions are 4CM across and 2.2CM Tall, it's very Tiny Device which you have ever seen before with a Weight of 11.9 grams. Coming to the product price is Rs.3,449 available in TRNDlabs.

Tags:  Airselfie Drone,  World Record with 500 LED Lighted Drones.

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